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There is a lot of website to take quiz but why I should preffer Koniat for you. Because I try to give you hardest question every question you face. When you sign up and take quiz you will understand. But if you follow my Facebook or Twitter you will get some quiz questions hint.
For level one Googly Quiz & level two has General knowledge Quiz & level three has Biology Quiz & level four has Physics Quiz & level five has World History Quiz.

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(1) When you want to enter higher level Quiz you have to get atleast 80% on previous level quiz.
(2) You must sign up koniat to continue.

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Top Ten Things In this World.

"The 10 Most Important Moments and Events in History"

The American Revolution (1775-1783) The Reformation (1517-1648) The Life of Jesus of Nazareth Tearing Down of the Berlin Wall (1989) World War II World War I Gutenberg's Printing Press (1440) The Life of Muhammad Pax Romana The Renaissance
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