Frequently Asked Questions

Most Asked Questions

Is it possible to use social media to login or signup?
No, You can't use social medias to sign up or login. Now a days social medias are changing their rules frequently. If later days they don't allow their information to be used then it is you who have to face problem with it. and we don't like that.
What if you found a fake question?
There is a way to inform that.
1) There is a report button if you click on it will be reported to the user who questioned it.
2) Or you can report us by using contact for and select option "illegal post found" and describe it.
Is it safe to use your original credential for your profile?
Yes, It is safe. because We don't allow users to see your personal contact information. But if you think other information such as "gender", "Profession", "Social Media", "Country" etc. is also not shareable then just use it.
How you can earn points?
There is such ways you can earn, point structure is described in policy page, check it out.
1) Playing Quiz: when you get 8 correct answer you get points.
2) Playing Followers quiz: if you get all five answers correct then you get to earn points.
3) And also when you cross some limits you get to earn points.
4) When you sign up and for the first time you get to earn some points.
Can you follow anyone?
Yes, you can. But we recommend just to follow your teacher, family members and friends.
Can you ask anyone any questions?
Yes you can but these are the rules you need to follow.
1) You need to follow the user who you want to ask questions.
2) You need to buy a package to make asking to an individual.
3) You can't ask any illegal questions. if the user report that question then we are going to review.
Fro what reason I need to buy any package?
There is several reasons to buy a package.
1) To ask question to any user(teacher, student, Parents etc).
2) To buy any comic superhero.
3) To play quiz of whom you follow.