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Privacy policy

Basic Instruction

Hi, I am Sage Savas. I am here to tell you some rules that you need to follow. First of all you can't share or copy in any online media. If found you will be banned from Koniat. lets see about other rules step by step. First let me show you what we collect and what we do with it.
1 Email: We collect your email to confirm that you are the original user of this email and can't access others account.
2 Password: This is the protection for your account. It is recomanded that don't share your password with anyone.
3 Country: There is lot of questions to that exact country man. So that you get your correct question for you.
4 Social Media: If you are a teacher or a big man you can share your social media with them. Just follow where to write.
5 Proffeession: Your proffession would help to find your followers. To filter out exact person.
Default Quiz
This type of quiz is for everyone. It can be played by those who doesn't have any account. It will be played in home page.
Followers Quiz
Whom you follow if they create any quiz you can play them. For this you need to follow someone.
Own Quiz
You can create your own quiz but you can't play them. It only be played by those who follows you.

Quiz points structure

Creating Quiz
Need a valid quiz structure. or your lifetime points will be revoked.
Played followers Quiz
Need all answer correct.
Played default quiz
Need to get more or equal 80% marks.
Limit Cross
When Crossing 1000 Limit in the total points.
Limit Cross
When Crossing 10,000 Limit on total points
Limit Cross
When Crossing 100,000 Limit on total point
Upgrade account to premium account
Asked to Somebody
There is the mentioned pints given to you for just asking the question to your fellow followers.

Comic Concept

Here will be list of all comic heroes we got. Initially its value will be 0. when someone bought a hero your current value will be decrease by current point and it's value increase by 3 points. but if someone else buy that exact hero value will be increase but you don't get any profit and you will be remove as a owner of that hero.

Viewing Profile

When you are viewing any persons profile you will get everything but email address. and whatever the user has given or updated in their profile will be shown to you including social medias.


When you searching for anything by default you will be shown the list of people by the searching result. with points they collected and their masked email address.
You need to click to the question tab to get the searching results. No answer will be provided with the question and four options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are questions asked by users and non users. You can also ask questions by using contact form.

Mock Test

Under Development. When we add we will make sure of the conditions.

Payment Policy

Once you upgrade your accout your money can't be refund. Today there is only one reason to spend money. Once you upgrade your account it will be visible to you how many days this pack is valid. You can also check for your pack status by clicking here.

Contact Us

This page is available for the all kind of user. Anyone can ask any question by filluping the given input fields. But for users their email address will be shown to him/her.

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