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Hi! I am Sage Savas,

People loves when everything in one place. But I can't give you everything in one place what you may need. But if you think about my top ten where you will get hundreds of interesting top ten infront of your eye. Not only top ten, but you also getting reviews of unique products. The interesting fact is that you don't have to sign up for these. If you are not interested in others here. You have to sign up for debate and Quiz to take part. And remember once you create account you can't delete your account. What else do we have described below. You can also follow me on , , Instagram for some useful tips.

Sanjib Kumar Mandal

Debate participation

For debate participation you need to sign up. If you don't sign up you will only see what people says for a debate. else you can. A debate will go on untill it gets minimum response. When it will get it's minimum response it will automatically update to new topic.

How we arrenged the quiz portion?

If you interested in taking part in quiz then you have to sign up. You can participate in quiz unlimited time. but you have to clear previous level and have to get 80% success rate. it means you have give atleast 8 correct answer for 10 questions. I counted your result what you gave last time. it does not matter you got better or less. You will find your rank in result table. Rank is by world wide. if you previously completed for example level two but you given level one again and got less than 80% success rate then your level two will be block again. So take part in serious. After result you will be asked to give review. after giving review you will be redicted in home page.

Three types of review section.

Other than quiz another interesting thing is my review section. You know about the product but what you don't know or don't list in details page of any online product is something that I gave review. Just before going to market see those reviews. I kept link to two e-commerce site that my country has big step which is Amazon and flipkart. There is only three type of product that I keep and give review. Those are "Audio", "Video" and "Gadgets". Just select one of them and see review. Search the product that you are interesed to buy.

What About Top 10 things?

We update almost every day for new "Top Ten" facts. Here is hundreds of top ten from all direction. I hope you will not be disappointed by my list of top ten.

What about Interesting facts?

Interesting facts are one of those which does not have it's own page. It is in the home page. A default fact is loaded perviously. But when you click for another one a new one will come up. It comes randomly that's why can be repeated. You continue clicking and thounds of facts will appear.


Donation is self interesting thing. You don't need caards for donation. Donate me if you can using paypal or bitcoin.