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I Built this website.

Express yourself with koniat and bring your friends with you in the contest.

Okey let's start with why we have started a program like this? Well When you play quiz it does not matter which field you are from. So, all your efforts goes in vain. But you can answer a quiz with your choosen topic here. Here you will get to answer a judgement once in a month. If we get answer within a limited time then I will change that in a frequent. Here also you will get to create quiz and judgement. So, go ahead and try these. These all are described below.


Trying to add better questions and better options for you. finding questions which is not available in google is near impossible. But trying hard to get questions which is also hard to get on google. These are the better options for you to start. I will also add more options day by day. If you want to be a quiz master then create a quiz and check admin aproves that or not if admin aproves then click and share the given link within your friends and ask to answer.
Now talk about your quiz ranking!! Well, Initially your rank will be '0' untill admin (sage savas) Update your ranking. Actually it took about 24 hours to upadate rank. Unless there is no problem.


For Judgements I attach a requested topic which is requested in my facebook account (If you want your opinion then just text me on my facebook account). But one of them will be asked here. If you the registered user don't get responce on your topic then it is not my responsibility. Only one content will be uploaded per month. Otherwise you can ask your topic to your friends then create a topic and check your account that admin aproves that or not. If admin aproves that then share the link with your friends and ask to answer.


Please don't force anything and try not to change the link. It is not considerable.