Koniat is an educational website like nothing else. For exiting things there is always a rule. Without rule we are not human. But don't warry there is no ground breaking hard rules to follw. We have few setup rules that you have to follow. All rules are described below. Take a look and try to follow them.

Sign Up Process

For sign up process we ask you only for your name and email what is a basic need for us. Try to give your real name and email, So that your friends can understand who you are. Once you put your name, email and password and click on submit button your account will be created. After that you can log in any time you want. When you get signed up you need to see your account what we have collected from your signing up process. You can also edit your profile picture from your account. If we find out that you have given fake information then your account will be terminated any time without inform.

Top Ten and Interesting facts

For top ten issues if you want to know more about top tens you just click on the box anywhere to see the next one. Same way you can get interesting facts by clicking Try Next Button. There is almost a thousands of top-tens and interesting facts that you can't finish seeing those. We try to add more if these when we find a new research and about that top ten. and also trying to add more interesting facts.


There is default quiz competetion from this website. We want to add more quiz from defferent topics. All result will be listed on the result page. On the result page choose which context you want to see first. all results will be published differently. Quiz ranks will be updated Weekly. but the most interesting fact is that you can Create your own quiz for your friends. But first we need to confirm because of your questions quality. If there is any rules comes out that will be publish in here. Few dots are given here for example: (By this color it means your quiz is on pending). (By this color you should understand that your quiz has been rejected). (By this color you should understand that your quiz is accepted).


All rules are same as quiz.


Donate us to improve more exiting features. We want to make this website like a educational media.